17 April 2014

Like Pulling Teeth

Mango Shirt (similar here) / Zara Dress (similar here and here) / Office Lace-Ups (similar here)

I attempted to do a milkmaid braid for the first time yesterday. Is it still called a milkmaid braid when it's this messy? I don't know but Cameron Mackintosh won't be inviting me on stage for a rendition of 'Who Will Buy' that's for sure. Or maybe that's just my voice..

This is probably the last blog post that I shall do until I've finished my A2 exams in June. Blogging does wonders for procrastination but I'd also rather like to be able to take up my place at university so priorities, y'know. If you miss me too much, or even if you don't but you're just nosey, you can follow me over on Instagram.

13 April 2014

Megan Ellaby (Outtakes)

As is so often the case in sunny (ha!) England, the rain threatened to thwart my plans of photographing Megan Ellaby for her blog last weekend. However, a defiant two fingers at the weather and we went ahead with the shoot anyway - granted I looked like a drowned rat by the end of it but hey, that's why I'm behind the camera!

Click on through to see the final images here and here.

3 April 2014

London Day Trippin'

Central Saint Martins street style

A tad belated seeing as I went down to London over two weeks ago but such is life when one gets buried under mountains of schoolwork. I travelled down for a university open day but I also took the opportunity to have a good old nosey around Islington and Brick Lane too. This weekend I shall be shooting with the lovely Megan Ellaby so keep your eyes peeled for that!