25 September 2014

Street Style at Somerset House

So here we have the first of two collections of street style photography from my time at London Fashion Week SS15; this set having been snapped about Somerset House, the adopted home of many a remarkably attired individual for the duration of the week. It was my first proper attempt at documenting the style of complete strangers but I figured if I was going to start anywhere, fashion week would be my best bet - and it certainly was! A few of my shots ended up on the Facebook page of GQ Thailand too, which I was rather chuffed about. (They're shot under the name of Philip Banks if you take a look).

N.B. I write this from my new home in Leeds, hastily penned in a few moments snatched from the raucous commotion that is Freshers' Week. As such, please forgive me for the inevitably sporadic blog posts to follow.

18 September 2014

Somerset House

Topshop dress (similar here) / M&S shirt (similar here) / Office boots (similar here) / Cambridge Satchel Company bag (here)

Photographs: Megan Ellaby
Editing: Myself

Apologies for my radio silence blogging-wise - Instagram is another story - but for the past week I have been having the time of my life attending London Fashion Week for the first time. It turned out more incredible than I could ever have imagined. A chance meeting with the marvellous Philip Banks turned my planned 'schedule' of shooting street style and catching up with my blogger pals into a whirlwind of backstage shooting, assisting and the chance to see my first ever catwalk show.

12 September 2014

Emma @ J'Adore

Model: Emma @ J'Adore 

With illness striking and leaving us a (wo)man down on the makeup front, and all attempts at finding a last minute replacement made to no avail, our only option left was to do a little beauty DIY. So here we have it: base makeup by Emma and pink hair and brows by myself. Emma was an absolute dream to work with and I can only cross my fingers that she'll end up in front of my camera again soon.