12 September 2014

Emma @ J'Adore

Model: Emma @ J'Adore 

With illness striking and leaving us a (wo)man down on the makeup front, and all attempts at finding a last minute replacement made to no avail, our only option left was to do a little beauty DIY. So here we have it: base makeup by Emma and pink hair and brows by myself. Emma was an absolute dream to work with and I can only cross my fingers that she'll end up in front of my camera again soon.

9 September 2014

Ruby @ Nemesis

Model: Ruby @ Nemesis

For those of you not already in the know via sneak previews of the Instagram and Facebook variety, this little beauty goes by the name of Ruby and she's a new face at Nemesis. This was her first ever shoot and I think you'll agree that she pretty much nailed it. Extra kudos to her for braving it out in the dingy backstreets of Chinatown, complete with sticky rubbish, sticky smoke and sticky sweet aromas wafting through the air. This girl is one to watch!

7 September 2014

Cow Vintage X Northern Quarter

Earlier this week, I got the chance to check out the new COW store in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. If you haven't heard of COW, why haven't you?! No seriously, COW is the raddest vintage store that Manchester has to offer, and they have stores in Birmingham, Nottingham and Sheffield too so you Midlanders have no excuse not to visit.