22 July 2014

Artichokes Et Al.

Model: Liza Vul
Photography / Makeup / Styling: Myself

Whilst taking photographs amongst the flowers at the front of a nearby house, said house's owner appeared and told me that I was welcome to use his garden as a shoot location, should I so wish. I took him up on the offer and that evening, I returned with Liza to shoot. The garden was one of the most spectacular gardens that I have ever come across, brimming with hundreds of different plant species, each variety positioned in perfect harmony with the next. I hope to go back one day soon to photograph just the flora, for so many have been blurred into bokeh or escaped these portraits altogether. But for now, please click through to view the rest of the shoot.

4 July 2014

Checking In

Model: Hannah Colligan
Photography / Hair styling: Myself

I started summer with all good intentions to get straight back on the blogging bandwagon but alas, I have been super busy for the past two weeks and so blogging had to take the back seat once more. But hey, busy is good, right? Also, being busy includes doing three shoots with more planned soon so when I get a spare minute (or ten) this blog shall be brimming with new work once more. For now, I leave you with this photograph I took in collaboration with Hannah Colligan. We collected pretty flowers for me to style her hair with and I set up a makeshift studio in my garden to get this shot. 

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21 June 2014

Long Time No Speak

Why hello there, y'all. Clocking in for the first time in almost two months, you've probably forgotten I even exist! Yesterday marked the last day of my A Level exams (after a week of having one a day, plus more before that) and so my time has been consumed with discussing French literature, rearranging trigonometric equations, and just about a million other things that, alas, couldn't include the oh-so-distracting world of blogging. Anyway, now that I have three months of freedom I shall be donning my camera once more and capturing this summer one click at a time.